Feeling Negative Energy

When I sense a feeling about a person, place or thing, it can be difficult to ignore. I was once in a client’s house (previously readings were done remotely over webcam) to do a reading for her and something about the house didn’t seem right as soon as I walked in the front door.

Now, after further discussion with my client and before the house tour, I learned that she had been having quite a bit of trouble sleeping and her life was going downhill, which surprised me because she is a successful woman.

I asked if I could take a look in different rooms to see if I could pick up on this energy and she agreed. So before we began the reading, I went into all of her rooms. The last room she showed me was a spare bedroom used for storage. As I walked into the room I felt the heart of the energy that was in the house.

She was in doubt about this energy. So once I told here where this energy was coming from, she went in there by herself and couldn’t really pick up on it. But she had a small dog. So I went into the room and called her dog to me. The dog wouldn’t come near me or go beyond the door’s threshold inside this room.

We discussed the room itself and discovered that there was a pair of heavy and expensive curtains that she was storing for a friend which came from the house of where their parents once lived (now deceased). These curtains seemed to be the core of this energy. So I moved the curtains to the living room and called her dog again. We got the same results as when the curtains were in the spare bedroom.

She then called her friend to get their curtains out of her house and the friend picked them up on the following day. I went back to my client’s house after the curtains were removed and found some remaining energy in the same bedroom, and again her dog wouldn’t come into the room. So we did a cleansing of smoldering sage and chanting around the inside of the entire house.

Later that day I confirmed that the energy was gone and her dog went into the room without being called to do so.

Based on this situation, some people can’t actually pick up negative energies, especially ones of their own or have lived with for some time. Therefore, it’s always best to consult with someone (even a friend) to see if they can pick up anything out of the ordinary and move forward from there.

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