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Combination Discounts and Member Benefits

For those who wish to sign up for the Membership program with your email address (your email and information you provide will not be shared or used outside of celestialtwilight.com) will receive a one time discount code for 20% off all purchases by email within 24 hours (usable one time, no limitation on number of items purchased). All you have to do is sign up below and your 20% off voucher will be on its way within 24 hours. Best of all, there is no purchase required or fee to become a member. 

Readings, Discussions and NEW CelestialTwilight merchandise can be purchased below.

All items are original to CelestialTwilight and can be ordered in both Unisex and Women’s Cut. There is a return policy for these items since they are tangible. You can view this policy from the shopping cart before you check out. For any questions or concerns about these items and returns, please use the form on the Contact Page.