I have had a gift from a young age to help others through my own insight and intuition. People were known to come to me with their troubles and concerns in order to make sense of what was happening in their lives and see answers from a different perspective.

Like many spiritual advisers, I have had communications with spirit people (also known as shadow people to some) at random as a child and through adulthood. I have always been a person that people seem to go to for advice or I enjoy sitting back and listen to their story – and in return those people happily took my advice. When people speak to me, I get a clear picture of what they are saying in my mind, which I then receive transitional thoughts, feelings of energy and words from these pictures. This allows me to put the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ together, similar to a story or movie, so that makes sense to them.

It was then, after I was certified by a world renowned psychic named Cirrias in 2009, who acknowledged my gifts and encouraged me to move forward in helping others in need.

 As many people don’t feel comfortable with this divine level of communication, I feel that direction towards greater understanding through example is best. I have been using this gift actively even before I even knew I had it or was using it – or as some have told me, I was blessed with these gifts from birth.

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